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Call for additional examples in (open) virtual mobility

Call for additional examples in (open) virtual mobility

di George Ubachs -
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Within EADTU's publication on  "Innovative Models for Collaboration and Student Mobility in Europe" we distinguish all mobility as related to a course or curriculum, whether it is physical, blended or online. It can be organized under 4 categories: 

- Embedded mobility within a course 

- Exchange mobility for individual students (virtual Erasmus mobility) 

- Networked mobility in networked curricula and courses with mobility windows 

- Integrated mobility in joint curricula

In addition, Open Virtual Mobility project addresses mainly mobility based on non-formal and informal education, notably the recognition of such courses in formal education through open credentials. 

Already, some 20 examples in Europe are categorised accordingly in this publication. we would be eager to get further input on examples with indication of the relevant categories.